Composition of committees




To all Nurses and Midwives

Please be informed that the Nursing Council will move to its new Headquarters situated at La Vigie, Forest Side behind SBM Park as from Monday 30 July 2018.

F. Supparayen




Chairperson: Mr Dhunraj FOOLCHAND

Registrar: Mr Francis SUPPARAYEN

                                         Composition of Committees

i) Education Committee

Chairperson: Mrs H. Putty

Members: Mrs P. Sookrah, Mrs S. Mungroo, Mr U. K. Gungadeen, Mr N. Ramsoondur, Mrs M. Nobin


ii) Registration Committee

Chairperson: Mr S. Mittoo

Members: Mr D. Balluck, Mrs S. Mungroo, Mrs P. Sookrah, Mr D. Bagratee, Mrs H. Putty


iii) Investigation/ Disciplinary Committee

Chairperson: Mrs. C. Green Jokhoo

Members: Mrs M. Beejadhur, Mrs M. Bungaradu,  Mrs O. N. Ladouceur, Mr M. Murtuza


iv) Finance Committee

Chairperson: Mr D. Bagratee

Members: Mr D. Balluck, Mr U. K. Gungadeen, Mr S. Mittoo, Mr M. O. Kholeegan


v) Special committee

Chairperson Mrs P. Sookrah

Members: Mrs M. Nobin, Mrs O. N. Ladouceur, Mr U. K Gungadeen, Mr P. Seddur


vi) Building project committee

Chairperson: Mr D. Balluck

Members:  Mr D. Bagratee, Mr S. Mittoo, Mrs M. Nobin, Mr M. O. Kholeegan